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Our Concept and Products:

1) Lubricant solution. (Grease & Lube-Oil).

2) Air conditioner solution. (All Kinds of Electrical Panel)

3) Dehumidifier Solution with Conveyor Technology. 

4) Fog and Flow device with spare parts for e-flow, core & magic. 

5) Utility solution for hot water line, steam line, and improve boiler efficiency more than 95%. 

6) PLC and HMI for B&R, Delta, LS, SIEMENS, OMRON & Mitsubishi. 

7) Mechanical parts (Bearing, Water & Mechanical seal etc.).

8) Dosing Pump for Pneumatic and Electric. 

9) Conveyor Technology & Goods raking system for industries.

10) Ventilation & Exhaust System for Garments, washing & others.

11) Spare parts support for industrial machines (Electrical Items). 

12) Technical support for wet and dry process machines. 

13) Service & Repairing for Electrical Panel Air Cooler. 

14) Technical support & Accessories for fire hydrant, Smoke, Sprinkler etc.


Industry Focused Products!

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